All-in-one cashier system

Cashier in payment terminal

Purspot offers an All-in-One cash register system. You get everything you need in one go hardware, with a built-in cash register system in the payment terminal. It is a mobile cash register system and you can charge anywhere. Your customers pay directly at the payment terminal and get one printed receipt. Increased sales for you, smoother for the customer!

You get all this in one package

Cashier system

Cash register system Approved cash register system installed in the payment terminal. Simple and smooth.

Control unit

System is connected with a cloud-based control unit to the Swedish Tax Agency.

Payment terminal

Modern Android-based payment terminal. Charge from all known debit and credit cards.

Redemption agreement

Redemption agreement with priceworthy transaction costs.

Receipt printer

Built-in receipt printer for easy handling

Portable, battery powered

Only one device to handle. The battery lasts for your entire working day.

Connected via GSM SIM card

Connected to the internet and is independent of Wifi.

Debit cards, cash, Swish

You can charge with different means of payment.

How does it work?

The payment terminal has a built-in cash register system that is connected to the tax office and control unit.

You select items on the big screen in the payment terminal and then you take payment directly in the payment terminal.

The receipt is also printed from the payment terminal.

You only have ONE DEVICE to manage for your cash register system.

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Payment Methods

Purspot have integrated these payment methods for easy, secure and quick payment.