Shorter queue, increased sales and an Express checkout for your customers.

Start paying with Purspot's mobile payment solution that is appreciated by your customers.
It's easy for you to get started and millions of consumers can start shopping with you right away.

More efficient sales

With Purspot you get more efficient sales with reduced staffing pressure. You increase sales with less costs.

Millions of consumers can start shopping at you

With purse pot you can start trading from day one. We use recognized payment methods such as Swish and debit cards, so millions of consumers can start shopping directly from you. The consumer purchases through our web solution, no app is needed.

Smaller queue and digital notifcations

As the consumer orders and pays in advance through Purspot, your queues are reduced. When the goods are finished, click on the tablet to send another message the consumer that the product is ready for collection / delivery.

Discount codes and offer

You can offer discount codes and promotions to your customers. That way you get one more loyal clientele. You will also be able to communicate with your customers and reach customers cost-effectively, flexibly and quickly via Purspot.

What do other traders think?

"My phone orders are decreasing and mobile orders are increasing. Fantastic good, I talk less on the phone and instead deliver more food"

"We supply more drinks to the guests with fewer staff in the bar. Especially when we have huge pressure at events in our large premises. The customer gets the drinks faster without being crowded at the bar"

"My customers can sit down at a free table in the foodcourt and then calmly order the food from their mobile phone. They no longer have to rush around with a tray in their hand and look for any vacant table. Customers are happy and choose to shop from me instead rather than other restaurants"

How do I get started?

Connect to
Contact us at and we will help you with registration and start.

Apply for Swish Handel
Contact your bank and apply for Swish Handel for payments to fall directly on yours account when customers order via Purspot.

Install tablet and printer
We install a tablet and printer to view and print all orders as comes via Purspot. Here you can also manage your products and reports.

Signs and education
Our customer manager places signs with you to inform customers about your new mobile payment solution. We train your staff and support you in the first place.

Fees and costs
The Swish fee per transaction is charged by your own bank. Our fee is a transaction fee corresponding to the Swish fee.

Payment Methods

Purspot have integrated these payment methods for easy, secure and quick payment.