IoT Payment

Arcade games - Vending machine - Electric charging station

Pay & activate with your mobile

Arcade games - Vending machine - Electric charging station

The customer orders and pays with his mobile phone by scanning the QR code on the machine. Payment is made in the customer's own mobile via digital wallets such as Swish. The machine is activated automatically.

The customer does NOT need to download any app or pre-register. Everything is done safely and securely in the customer's own mobile phone.

How does it work?

1. Scan QR code

2. Select number of games, withdrawals, amount

3. Pay

4. The machine is activated

  • No App or registration required
  • Pay with Swish or card
  • Anyone with Smartphone can start shopping immediately
  • Less hassle, increased sales
  • Relieve staff
  • Smoother shopping experience for the customer.
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Our business area

IoT payment
Arcades - Electric Charging Stations - Vending Machines

Pay and activate the arcade game with your mobile, without downloading any App.

Purspot is a mobile order & payment solution that makes shopping easy for gaming halls and their customers. It is easy for customers to get started with Purspot, as millions already have Swish and can start shopping immediately. No App download or pre-registration is required for customers to start using Purspot.

You scan a QR code to get the list at stake and start shopping. Industries such as gaming halls, amusement parks and playgrounds have adopted Purspot to streamline their operations, as well as to offer their customers a fast and hygienic payment procedure.

Customers can buy game credits and activate the arcade machine by scanning a QR sign. When the customer orders and pays through Purspot and Swish, the queues for both the merchant and the customers are reduced. Increased sales for the retailer, smoother shopping experience for the customer!

How do I get started?

Connect to our cash register system
Apply for Swish Handel
Install equipment
Signage and education

Payment method

Purspot is integrated with most payment methods for easy, secure and fast payment.