About us

Purspot is a Swedish fintech startup founded 2014. In short time we have developed a mobile payment solutions that works for all sales channels. It has been possible because we have based our basic technology on existing transaction platforms. We have partnered with some of the major Swedish banks and financial players during the development of our technology platform.

Our goal is to become the natural choice as a mobile payment solution for both consumers and mercants, regardless of industry or sales channel. We also wish to become the platform on which financial institutions choose to reach out with its solutions to consumers.

Core values


Our security measure is not to reinvent the wheel regarding security aspects, but to rely on existing reliable security solutions. We have based our solutions on existing transaction platforms and on the major players of the card and bank payments. With this Purspot provides the highest safety standards.


Purspot shall work anywhere and for anyone. We are no vertical custom app, we are the only mobile payment solution that the consumers needs in their daily lives. Merchants choose us because we are general and fits in all sales channels, with a single platform. Our partners choose us because they reach a diverse and broad audience of both merchants and consumers.


Purspot shall be profitable for consumers by saving time and offer discounts. For the mercant we reduce queues, increase sales and increase the efficiency of the staff. For partners by simple integration to reach out to the many merchants and consumers in existing and new sales channels, with a single payment method.

Who we are

The core team behind Purspot is passionate about technologies that have surrounded themselves by experts in card payments and finance. Our vision is to develop future mobile payment solutions in an innovative and unique way.

Our backgrounds of the team includes technology, entrepreneurship, enterprise, development and innovation. We have all been involved in starting up similar businesses before with success.