Shop faster than anyone else

With Purspot you can shop anywhere, quickly, easily and secure.

Purspot is a mobile payment solution. You pay with your mobile through your
digital wallet MasterPass or PayPal.
Your card details are already stored in your digital wallet, therefore it is very easy to start shopping with Purspot.

Advantages of Purspot

Order and pay in advance

You pay for your goods or services in advance avoiding any queues. Goods are collected when you show proof of payment.

Smoother shopping experience without app or registration

You pay with your mobile device on without the need to download any app or registration.

Receive discounts and promotions

You can take part of bonuses, discounts or special offerings on purchase.

Safe shopping with your digital wallet

Payment is made via the existing digital wallets as MasterPass or PayPal, where your debit and credit cards are pre-registered. You never expose your credit card physically. You always pay via a secure environment, your phone and through recognized digital wallets.

One payment method for multiple merchants

You can use the same Purspot to pay at different times and different merchants in your everyday life. All merchants can start charging by Purspot. No more special apps for different services or products. If your merchant does not already have Purspot, recommend or tell us.

How do I get started

Enable or start your digital wallet MasterPass

Go to your online banking (Nordea, Swedbank, SEB or ICA) and activate your digital wallet MasterPass. Then all of your payment cards will appear in MasterPass. You can also add other payment cards such as lunch cards, petrol cards etc.

Go to and start shopping

Go to and choose one of the two ways to shop:

1. Click the MAP button and select a merchant

  • Choose from the most common products you wish to buy. Click the BUY button and you will proceed to your digital wallet.

  • Alternatively, enter a free amount in the "Amount" field to pay for an item. Click on the BUY button to buy and you will proceed to your digital wallet.

2. Enter a 5-digit code in the Code field

The code can be found in the following ways:

  • Appears on the screen at the cash register.

  • On a bill in a restaurant.

  • On a webshop when you have selected products.

Why are there two different ways to shop?

Beause Purspot should be as comprehensive as possible for both the consumers and for merchants.

Why digital wallets?

Purspot is based on existing digital wallets to provide the highest security and flexibility. One of the digital wallets is MasterPass that has been launched by MasterCard and the banks Nordea, Swedbank, SEB and ICA.

Purspot also has integration with the digital wallet PayPal.

Various merchants choose to charge with various digital wallets, as shown in Purspot window for the merchant you choose. Right now Purspot cooperates only with merchants that accepts MasterPass.