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Advantages of Purspot

All sales channels

Purspot works for all your sales channels, store, web, vending machine or phone orders. Purspot is a general solution that will work anywhere regardless of industry.

No hardware or terminal

You do not need a terminal or special hardware to take payments by Purspot. Everything takes place virtually. You see transactions directly in the POS system or in your mobile device.

Millions of consumers with pre-registered payment cards

Purspot is power by reliable digital wallets such as MasterPass and PayPal. Millions of consumers use these digital wallets with pre-registered debit and credit cards. You can use your existing acquiring bank.

Club cards, debit cards and offers

You can integrate loyalty cards or use your own profiled debit card. You can also create customized offers and promotions for your customers. Reach out to customers cost-efficiently and quickly via Purspot.

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Contact us and we will help you with registration and setup. If you do not have a merchant agreement with your bank we will help you get started.

Fees and costs

Our transaction fees are equivalent to what you already pay for your card terminal. It does not cost more than what you pay today to accept card payments.

Integration with the POS system

Some POS and ERP systems are integrated with Purspot. You can also use Purspot without any integration, then you track your transactions in your admin page via computer or mobile device.