Express checkout in your smart phone. Shop faster than everyone else.

Purspot is a mobile payment solution for shopping quickly, easily and securely with your mobile phone.
Order via Purspot and pay with Swish, card or other digital wallet.

Don't queue

You order and pay for your products in advance and avoid queuing. In the VIP corner you can pick up yours products or get delivery to table number when serving table.

No app or registration

You do not need to download any app or register, get started directly at

Notice when the product is ready

You will receive a notification that the products are ready on your mobile phone.

Secure via Swish

Payment is made to each merchant via your Swish, debit card or other digital wallet.

How does it work?

Below are the steps to order and pay with Purspot. When you have completed your purchase and received notification that your goods are ready for pickup / delivery, show your 5-digit purchase code as confirmation and reference.

Start and select dealer

With your smartphone :

Go to



2. Scan the dealers QR-code with your smartphone camera

Select products

Select payment method

Confirm payment

Receipt and purchase code

Get push message, products ready

What do other consumers think?

"I have my own express checkout in my pocket. Absolutely magical and the VIP feeling is huge!"

"I can buy lunch from the office. When the cell phone plings, I go down and get the food"

"Me and my friends can order the beer directly to the table, without crowding into the bar"