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A comprehensive digital payment solution for all industries. Purspot offers a comprehensive digital payment solution and cash registers for all kinds of stores. Whether you run a restaurant, dry cleaning or clothing store, Purspot is the right payment solution for you and your business.

Why choose Purspot’s cash register solutions?

Customizable cash register systems for small and medium-sized businesses
Purspot offers industry-leading cash register systems and payment solutions to streamline and grow your business. Discover how our products can revolutionize your customer experience and sales.

Whether you are self-employed, run a small shop or a larger operation, Purspot has the perfect cash register system for you. Our cash registers and cash machines are designed to be easy to use and quick to implement. Our innovative payment solutions ensure a smooth and secure transaction process. Scale up your business with Purspot’s products and get the benefits of a modern and efficient cash register experience.

Reliability, Reliability, and Reliability!

At Purspot, Reliability is taken very seriously. Our cash register systems and payment solutions are designed to robustly handle any operational disturbances and interruptions. We ensure that your business does not come to a halt. Continuous operation is our priority.

We understand the importance of missed sales; "A lost lunch sale cannot be recouped!". This underscores the importance of reliability for your business. Read more here about how Purspot can ensure Reliability for you.

Purspots smart payment solutions

Shorter queue, increased sales and speed up your customers' shopping experience. We digitize your customer journey! With our payment solutions, you will easily increase your sales, while you can focus on what you know best, delivery.


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With Purspot’s smart and flexible payment solutions, we can optimize the payment experience for anyone who wants to get paid. Contact us and we´ll tell you more.

We offer sales and support in seven different languages: Swedish | English | German | Arabic | Syriac | Kurdish | Persian

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Mobile SoftPOS
Self service Kiosk

How do I get started?

Agreement with Purspot
Contact us at sales@purspot.com and we will help you with registration and start.
Payment methods
We activate the desired payment method such as Swish Handel, card and cash payment
Menus and customizations
We tailor menus and functions as desired.
Installation and training
Our customer manager installs the payment solution and trains your staff.

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Sales and supportFörsäljning och supportVerkauf und supportمبيعات ومساعدةSatış ve Yardımܒܝܥܵܐ ܘܣܡܝܼܟ݂ܵܢܘܿܬܵܐفروش و پشتیبانیفرۆشتن و پشتگیری Sales and supportFörsäljning och supportVerkauf und supportمبيعات ومساعدةSatış ve Yardımܒܝܥܵܐ ܘܣܡܝܼܟ݂ܵܢܘܿܬܵܐفروش و پشتیبانیفرۆشتن و پشتگیری

At Purspot, we offer comprehensive support in 8 different languages for all your cash register and payment solution needs. Our dedicated team is available via phone, video call, email, or personal visits during weekdays, as well as emergency services on evenings and weekends for urgent matters. Choose us for fast and reliable service when you need it most!

Swedish | English | German | Arabic | Turkish | Syriac | Kurdish | Persian

What do our cutomers think about us

Purspot offers comprehensive digital payment solutions for all kinds of stores. Be assured we have the right payment solution for you and your business.
We deliver more drinks to the guests with fewer staff in the bar. Especially when we have a lot of pressure at events in our large premises. The customer gets their drink faster without being crowded at the bar. The staff love the Purspot system.
O'learys Mall of Scandinavia
Now we can offer multiple possibilities for customers to order, which means we can handle rushers much better. Our customers can order from the cashier, Express self-service-checkout or via their own mobile phone. This allows us to deliver the food much faster.
We have no cashiers at all. Our customers orders by themself with Purspot's Mobile QR-OnlineOrder. It is more efficient for our staff and our customers dont need to stand in a queue. Best of both worlds!
Burgers & Dreams

Our restaurant customers

We have many different types of customers, including restaurants. Here you can see how different types of restaurant customers use our different products.
Ruccola Vinsta
Esuki Sushi


Some of our customers

Cloud solution and integrated devices

Simplify workflows with Purspot's cloud solution
Purspot's cloud solution offers an integrated experience that synchronizes all devices, improves workflows and optimizes customer service.

With Purspot's cloud service, companies can connect products such as MAXI POS system, QR-Online order, SoftPOS and other accessories. In a restaurant environment, for example, communication between cash register, bar and kitchen can take place seamlessly and efficiently. All orders are routed directly to ticketing printers or KDS, speeding up customer service.

In addition, this cloud solution provides automatic backup and smooth integration with Bookkeeping such, as Fortnox, which streamlines the management of the company's finances. Create a customized POS system that meets your company's unique needs with Purspot.

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