Mobile cash register system

Mobile Cash Register System

All-in-One Cash Register System Built into the Payment Terminal
Cash Register in the Payment Terminal

Purspot MINI Cash Register System is a portable all-in-one payment terminal for your business's payment solutions. Accept payments with credit cards, Swish, or cash easily and smoothly.

The mobile MINI cash register system is easy to use and offers fast, secure payments for improved customer experience and increased sales.

All your products are available in the portable device to quickly take orders and bookings from your customers, both on-site or on the go.

Choose our MINI payment terminal for a modern, user-friendly, and reliable payment solution. Experience the benefits of a compact cash register system and let your business flourish with the latest technology.

The MINI cash register system complies with tax regulations and legal requirements, as it is approved by the Swedish Tax Agency and connected to the tax control unit.

How It Works

The MINI cash register system offers a smooth payment process for both cashiers and customers. The cashier selects products on the screen, and the customer can then choose the payment method and complete the purchase. The entire flow is quick and efficient.

- The flow in the MINI cash register system:

- The cashier selects products on the screen

- The customer chooses a payment method (credit card, Swish, cash)

- The customer taps or inserts the card into the terminal

- The purchase is completed with a PIN code

- The receipt is printed

- If desired, the order is sent to the kitchen or bar

With these features, the MINI cash register system is an excellent choice for businesses seeking a modern and reliable payment solution.

Use Cases

A Mobile Cash Register System for Small and Large Businesses
The MINI POS is suitable for both small and large businesses that want to use multiple devices simultaneously that interact. The portable, user-friendly format facilitates payment handling and offers a versatile, scalable solution for different needs.

The MINI cash register system is suitable for various industries and businesses, such as:

Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes:

- Manage orders and payments quickly and efficiently

- Integrate with kitchen screens and order printers for smooth communication between staff

Beauty and Health Sector, such as hairdressers, nail salons, massage therapists, and beauty salons:

- Portable unit to take payments where the customer is

- Manage sales of products and accessories

Craftsmen and Workshops:

- Accept payments on site, directly from the customer

- Simplify invoicing and accounting through integration with financial systems

Stores, Kiosks, and Grocery Stores:

- Fast and smooth payment handling at the checkout

- Create and manage campaigns and discounts to increase sales

You get all this in one package

MINI cash register
Cash register

Approved cash register system installed in the payment terminal. Simple and smooth

Payment terminal

Modern Android-based payment terminal. Charge from all known debit and credit cards.

Receipt printer

Built-in receipt printer for easy handling.

Connected via GSM SIM card

Connected to the internet and is independent of Wifi. (SIM card is not included)

Control unit, the tax office

Connected with a cloud-based control unit to the tax office.

Redemption agreement

Favorable transaction costs.

Portable, battery powered

Only one device to handle. The battery lasts for your entire working day.

Creditcard, cash, Swish

You can charge with different means of payment.

Different Hardware - MINI POS

Handheld devices with or without a built-in receipt printer
With two different hardware variants, you can choose between a unit with a built-in receipt printer or one without a receipt printer, depending on your needs.

This innovative cash register is designed to be both compact and powerful, making it the ultimate choice for entrepreneurs who want a smooth and efficient payment system. The mobile unit is equipped with both NFC tap and chip & pin readers, making it easy for customers to pay with their credit cards.

The units are easy to carry and fit in a pocket, handbag, or holster.

  • - The screen size is 6", providing a good user experience.
  • - Strong screen lighting, works well outdoors
  • - Chip & pin
  • - NFC tap
  • - Receipt printer (for the PRO model)
  • - Battery life approx 6h
  • - Stand available as an option
  • - Connection via Wifi or 4/5G SIM card

Payment method

Purspot is integrated with most payment methods for easy, secure and fast payment.

Connected Devices

Seamless Workflows Through Connected Devices and Integrations
A cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates with Purspot's other products to improve workflows and customer service in your business.

The MINI cash register system offers a unique cloud-based solution where all devices can be connected and synchronized, creating a seamless experience for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, the MINI cash register system can easily be integrated with Purspot's other products and services, such as MAXI POS, QR Online order, Mobile SoftPOS, and other accessories such as receipt printers, kitchen order printers, and KDS kitchen screens.

For example, for bars and restaurants, this flexible cash register system allows orders to be sent directly to the bar or kitchen via order printers or KDS, streamlining the workflow and providing faster and more accurate customer service.

The MINI cash register system's cloud-based solution ensures automatic backup and easy access to reports, daily closures, and accounting. Integrate smoothly with Fortnox for a complete and efficient management of your company's finances.

With the MINI cash register system, you can create a customized and powerful solution that suits your company's needs and requirements.