Cash register for dry cleaning

Cash register adapted for dry cleaning

Cash registers customized for dry cleaning

Our cash register solutions
We have the cash registers for your dry cleaning. We offer cash register systems that facilitate and modernize your work and business. Our cash register systems are filled with features and integrations with the leading software so that you can organize and structure your store. We also offer a portable all-in-one cash register system for those seeking a simpler cash register.

Cash register functions for dry cleaning:

✔ In/Out system ✔ Barcode scanner ✔ Automatic daily reports ✔ Staff ledger

✔ Labels ✔ Simple inventory ✔ Integration and SIE files ✔ Digital receipts ✔ Daily backup

Complete payment solution for dry cleaning.

MAXI Cash Register System

If you are looking for a versatile and full-featured cash register system for your dry cleaning, our MAXI Cash Register System is the obvious choice.

The cash register is loaded with features and integrated with many different functions and programs.

The cash register can be customized and tailored to your needs and preferences.

Systems integrations:






Portable cash register for dry cleaning

MINI Kassasystem
Portable cash register

Mini Cash Register is our portable all-in-one cash register that has all the features you need to run your dry cleaning business. The cash register is portable and you can accept payments with cards and cash everywhere.

All this comes in one package:

✔ Cash register

✔ Control unit

✔ Payment terminal, redemption agreement

✔ Receipt printer

✔ Portable, battery-powered

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Bisse Of Sweden

Bisse of Sweden is an established tailor in Vasastan.

- How does the Maxi Cash Register system work for you?

- The cash register works great for us. We are very satisfied!

- Which features would you like to highlight?

- The check-in and check-out system, the employee ledger, and the ability to offer digital receipts.

- Would you recommend the Maxi Cash Register system to other industry colleagues?

- Absolutely! If you want a complete cash register that is tailored for dry cleaning and tailoring, then the Maxi Cash Register is the right choice.

Kassasystem för kemtvätt
KG Svenssons Dry Cleaning and Tailoring

- Hello Maher, you have chosen the MAXI cash register system. How does the cash register system work for your dry cleaning and tailoring?

- We have been in business for many years and finally we have found the right one. The cash register is perfect for us!

- What do you like about the cash register?

- That it is so easy to work with and yet has all the functions we need in one and the same hardware.

- Which function is your favorite?

- I would say the barcode and check-in and check-out functions are the ones that make our work easier on a daily basis.

Kassaregister för kemtvätt