Digitizises trade

Purspots Mobile Payment Solutions

Shorter queue, increased sales and speed up your customers' shopping experience.

Start charging with Purspot's mobile payment solution, which is appreciated by your customers. It's easy for you to get started and millions of consumers can start shopping with you right away.

Digitizes trade

Mobile Online Order

Mobile payment
Mobile order & payment solution

Faster service, increased sales

Purspot is a mobile order & payment solution that makes it easy for you and your customers. Your customers order & pay via their mobile phone, without having to download any App. It's easy for you to get started and millions of consumers can start shopping with you right away. With Purspot, your customers can shop faster and more often, while at the same time you get more efficient production and delivery. Increased sales for you, smoother for the customer!

All-in-One cash register system

Mobile cash register system
We complement our digital payment solutions with a mobile All-in-One checkout system

Purspot's All-In-One Cashier System.

You get everything you need in a single hardware, with a built-in cash register system in the payment terminal. It is a mobile cash register system and you can charge anywhere. Your customers pay directly at the payment terminal and receive a printed receipt. Increased sales for you, smoother for the customer!

Payment to vending machine

IoT payment
Arcades - Electric Charging Stations - Vending Machines

Pay and activate the arcade game, charging station or slot machine with your mobile, without downloading any App.

Our business areas

Comprehensive digital payment solutions

Purspot offers comprehensive digital payment solutions for all kinds of physical trading. Whether you run a clothing store, dry cleaning or restaurant, Purspot is the right payment solution for you and your business.

Below you will find a selection of our business areas.

Purspots payment solutions

How do I get started?

Connect to purspot.com
Contact us at sales@purspot.com and we will help you with registration and start.
Apply for Swish Handel
Contact your bank and apply for Swish Handel so that payments end up directly in your account when customers order via Purspot.
Install tablet and printer
We install a tablet and printer to view and print all orders that come via Purspot. Here you can also administer your products and reports.
Signage and education
Our customer manager places signs with you to inform customers about your new mobile payment solution. We train your staff and support you in the start on site.
Avgifter och kostnader
Swishavgiften per transaktion debiteras av din egna banken. Vår avgift är en transaktionsavgift som motsvarar Swishavgiften.

Payment method

Purspot is integrated with most payment methods for easy, secure and fast payment.

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